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Blonde London escorts are more fun, but you already know this or do you? Well from what you read in the media about famous womenstunning young blonde in beautiful lingerie and stockings who are blondes the evidence is there to see. All blonde women I have come across have always been fun loving, but maybe I’ve just been lucky. Well we have many blonde London escorts for you to see and we can guarantee a good time had by all.

Famous Blonde Actresses

When you think about it if you are ever asked the question: can you come up with a famous actress's name? You most probably say Marilyn Munroe. If you think back that far the image that comes to mind is that she was always sexy, cheerful and fun loving in front of the cameras. All our blonde London escorts are exactly the same. Think about these famous actress's: Reese Witherspoon, Ali Carter, Paris Hilton, Farah Fawcett, Patsy Kensit, and Cheryl Ladd and the image you conjure up is one of beautiful and sexy.

Blonde Escorts versus Brunettes Escorts

There is a lot to be said about blondes being the most entertaining around men, and we think that because there is that stereo typical image of blondes being the most fun and sexy of women in society. The image has stuck throughout the years and maybe blondes have been programmed in a way to be more fun. Just a theory! Any way which ever escort you book whether it be a blonde or brunette escort, our blonde escorts are fun and you will not come away from the booking feeling just satisfied.

Blonde Escorts love Alpha Males

The blonde London escorts on our books love alpha males. Men that are self confident and have no insecurities are very attractive to a blonde escort. Being able to approach a blonde escort with self confidence and engage her in an exciting conversation, will immediately mark you as an Alpha Male. Soon after that the mating can begin!

Have fun!

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